Cara Waterfall is a freelance writer, editor and poet. Her poetry has been featured in Best Canadian Poetry, CV2, The Fiddlehead, Frontier Poetry, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Rust & Moth, SWWIM, The Maynard and more. In 2018, she won Room’s Short Forms contest and second place in Frontier Poetry’s Award for New Poets. In 2019, she was a finalist for Radar Poetry’s The Coniston Prize for her suite of poems on the Abidjan Zoo, and shortlisted for the CBC Poetry Prize for her poem “Caribou in the Anthropocene”. Most recently, she received PULPLit‘s Editors’ Prize for The Magpie Award for Poetry.

Waterfall is the recipient of a National Geographic Glimpse Correspondent grant to document her experiences in Cote d’Ivoire in two long-form features, entitled “Rebelles: Ivoirian Women Fight for Change” and “Art as Reconciliation“. Her articles and essays have also appeared in the Toronto Star, rabble.ca and The Gleaner, among others.

Waterfall was born in Ottawa, Canada. She has a postgraduate diploma from the London School of Journalism with a focus on news and feature writing, subediting, internet journalism and media law. She also has a diploma in Poetry & Lyric Discourse from The Writer’s Studio at Simon Fraser University, where she was mentored by Fiona Tinwei Lam.

Waterfall has a history of movement and has lived in Canada, Southeast Asia, West Africa, Europe and Central America. Writing grounds her, allowing her the space to explore the dissonances and resonances of being in new environments and new states of being.

She grew up in Ottawa, Nairobi and Vienna, and currently lives on a finca in Costa Rica.