About me

 I have cultivated a lifelong passion for content in its many forms, as it relates to cross-cultural exchange. Born in Ottawa, Canada, I have lived and worked in Europe, Southeast Asia, South and Central America, and West Africa.

I honed my writing skills at the London School of Journalism and have over 20 years of communications experience in the not-for-profit, banking and digital media fields. My work has been published in the Toronto Star, Todaysparent.com and rabble.ca.

I was Head of Marketing & Communications at Callia , an organization, which aims to create professional development opportunities for low-income women in Côte d’Ivoire. I also received a grant from the National Geographic Glimpse Correspondents program to write two long-form features on Côte d’Ivoire after the 2010-2011 political crisis.

I have a postgraduate diploma in Poetry & Lyric Discourse from The Writer’s Studio at Simon Fraser University in 2017. I won Room‘s Winter 2018 Short Forms Contest for my poem, “Sissi Barra; the way of smoke”, and earned second place in Frontier Poetry‘s 2018 Award for New Poets. In 2019, my poem “ode to the cockroach” was selected for the Best Canadian Poetry anthology. I was also a finalist for Radar Poetry‘s The Coniston Prize for my suite of poems “At the Abidjan Zoo” and was shortlisted for the CBC Poetry Prize for my poem, “Caribou in the Anthropocene”.

I currently work as a freelance writer and editor, and am based in San Ramon de Tres Rios, Costa Rica.